Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Using InputStreams with JSR-135 J2ME Sound Playback

In our J2ME app we need to be able to play back sounds for the user for files that are already downloaded (albeit inside zipped epubs).  So connecting the two using Manager.createPlayer(in, mimeType) seems fairly straightforward.  However on the devices themselves with longer files it will croak after a certain amount of time (maybe a buffer under run happens... still not sure).  With some other files that we were accessing for performance and to ensure any active file connections are closed properly we simply read the whole content into a byte array.  Not a good idea when it comes to long mp3 files: here's our recipe that seems to work:

  1. Obtain an inputstream from the file source (in our case, the file source is inside a zip for which we use the gnu classpath project to unzip)
  2. Also from gnu classpath get the BufferedInputStream class (this is not supplied in on J2ME/CLDC devices).
  3. Feed the player a BufferedInputStream instead of the raw stream itself: e.g.
    return new BufferedInputStream(src, 20*1024);
I haven't yet played around with the buffer sizes; occasionally it very briefly misses a fraction of a beat on lower end devices (e.g. the Nokia 110)

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